Do you want to get more natural daylight in a room of your house? Installing a skylight or roof window could be the answer. A skylight can help to brighten up your home, improve ventilation and bring down the costs of lighting.

But what is the cost to add a skylight to your home?

Be it part of an extension, renovation, or a standalone job, there are a few things worth knowing ahead of purchase. Before buying a skylight, you need to determine what type of roof window will work best and where on your roof it should be placed.

To get professional skylight repair services in York you can check various online sources.

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Also, VELUX windows provide a constant source of natural elements in your home. That's why efficient service providers install Velux skylights and offer high-quality service, innovation, and integrity.

Finding an effective roofing service provider in York can only take a few minutes if you search online. Searching online reduces travel costs as well as the time it takes to visit them in person.

Skylight installation cost calculator

To calculate the cost of installing a skylight, first, you’ll need to measure the size of the window space you want. Once you know how big your skylight will be you need to choose the type of skylight (material and design) to get a cost for the skylight unit itself.

Then, finally, you add the installation labour costs for the work, which will depend on the size, location and complexity of the skylight installation.