Strategic breakfast: A good option is to pack three or four healthy, pre-prepared snacks with fewer calories.

Avoid handfuls of anything, as a handful will quickly become overwhelming and you will lose track of your calories. Flavored water and celery with a 100 calorie biscuit bag is a better choice.

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Beware of BLT: When you are all hungry, eat foods from lowest to highest calories.

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A cup full of soup, a small bag of popcorn, or a plate of raw vegetables in a fat-free sauce is all good choices to eat before dinner.

Think green and slim: there is no magic time to stop eating at night. If you eat carefully, you can eat dinner and lose weight again.

However, avoid foods that are easy to overeat, such as pasta, bread, or rice. Instead, eat more protein and vegetables for dinner when they're really hungry.

If you eat breakfast late at night, try to distract yourself. Like sitting in another room; go out for a while, never watch TV.

Eating well and exercising are not always perfect. It's about how you react when things don't go right. If you make a wrong turn, your GPS will ask you to recalculate the data and get it back on track.

Your internal GPS does the same. If you have mistakes from time to time, don't give up thinking I screwed up. Return to the track and you will reach your destination.