If you are thinking of buying yourself some sportswear, you are in for a treat. There are quite a few styles, patterns and fits available in the market today that can make the start of an active life much more worthwhile. 

Whether you are searching for sustainably-designed and purposefully-driven activewear online or visiting some local boutiques, you can use the pointers below to find a pair that suits your body shape and the ones that you fall in love with.

sustainable wear

Following are some activewear you should look out for:

  • Straight or Flared Pants

Almost everybody can carry off this style and you may or may not like the way the fabric falls. It is completely a personal choice. Long leggings do cost more than shorter leggings since a lot more fabric is being used. There are also chances that flared legs might get entangled if you are practising difficult poses that require twisting and stretching. 

  • Full-Length Leggings

Some women like the way the leggings fold at the bottom imitating the leg warmer styles of the '70s. Longer leggings protect the lower limbs if you are required to sustain the bodyweight on your knees. It also protects your skin from getting painfully grazed. The absence of a flare will mean you can do tricky yoga poses without worrying about the extra material getting snagged between your limbs.

There are many different styles and designs available from activewear brands. When you buy activewear online you will be pleased to see countless amounts of fun and energetic colour combinations that will have you rearing to stretch your body at every class.