If you are using Facebook then you have probably seen the Facebook Chatbot. Facebook Messenger Bot was introduced in 2010 and has since become extremely popular. It allows users on Facebook to chat with other people by simply using their Facebook profiles as though they were having a conversation in real life. In fact, Facebook Messenger Bot actually uses the text-messaging system that is used on Facebook to do this.

However, just like any other new Facebook application, there are some problems with Messenger Bot. The biggest one is that Facebook has limited the bot to just basic communication features. This leaves many potential uses for the bot feeling less than effective.

This is because most of the functionality of Messenger Bot is actually provided by two separate, but interconnected AIs. These are the virtual assistants, or AIs, which allow you to chat with other Facebook users. The first, called the Social Ads bot, is responsible for delivering ads relevant to the conversations going on in your Facebook profile. This is useful when you need a little bit of extra advertisement space, such as when you have many friends who are all posting videos or photos of their latest vacation experience.

The second, known as the Chat Bots, works much the same way as the social ads bot. However, instead of posting to your wall, the chat bots will post straight to your Facebook message stream. This means you'll need to be very active in the discussion thread to make sure that your comments are being posted as well, otherwise your comments will likely go unnoticed.

The best thing about Messenger Bot is that it was one of the first Facebook applications to incorporate artificial intelligence into its program. As such, it can distinguish between different types of conversations and adapt to those it's been taught. This is quite helpful because not everyone has the same personality, and the Facebook Messenger Bot might end up showing several different messages based on how you are responding to a particular chatbot. In this way, it makes browsing through the first Facebook Chatbot a little easier.

Like many of the Facebook applications, the first chat bot also allows you to connect with the web hook from which it is connected. This is a special part of the code from Facebook that allows you to access the Facebook API directly from within the Facebook application itself. The webhook will then send you the information whenever something new happens on the Facebook site, or whenever a web link is clicked on the Messenger Bot. You will get an instant notification, for example, whenever someone posts a status update on their wall, or whenever they make a new photo album online. If you happen to be logged onto the Facebook site while someone is updating their Facebook page, you will see it through the webhook and will be able to respond to it directly through the Messenger Bot.

The Facebook Messenger Bot also allows you to set up connections between bot accounts. When you have more than one person in one bot account connected to the same Facebook account, this connection will allow you to share conversations between the accounts using the Message Bot. For example, if I was in my Facebook Newsfeed, and I saw someone had commented on one of my wall posts, I could go ahead and click on the comment, and then send them a message through the bot that would link them to the new post I'd written. It's all handled automatically!

This bot has truly revolutionized communication on Facebook, especially for the business community. I have found it to be very useful, especially for small businesses that don't have a lot of customers to provide customer service too. The Facebook Messenger Bot is definitely worth trying, especially if you want to save time when interacting with your Facebook friends. It's definitely worth taking a look at, as I believe it is the next big thing for Facebook. It definitely comes with its own set of pros and cons, but at least you know now that chatting with your Facebook friends is easier than ever.