As much as you possibly connect to the internet, use or download flash and floppy drives your computer is vulnerable to the possibility of being infected with a virus.

A number of those don'ts are:

1. If you download a virus program in the net you will automatically be related to the seller's website and download detection code to the latest viruses. Or you may check their website from time to time to be sure that your software is up to date. You can even get solutions from companies like to get protection against malwares, viruses, hackers as well.

2. Don't open email attachments from people that you don't know.  This is essential because most newer viruses propagate by launching infected documents over the net as email attachments. However people that you know can inadvertently pass an infected document to you.  It's necessary to be aware that just opening an email with an infected attachment won't introduce the virus in your system.

3. Never download in the net if you don't have virus protection. Be mindful regarding the website that you would like to get from. Think about whether it's a firm with its reputation at stake or a unidentified person?  With this you'd have the ability to observe the page as you'd be guarded in the components that feature active X controls and java/java script. 

4. If you don't wish to disable your browser to get busy X, java and JavaScript affirm the origin before entering a website.  If you understand nothing about the website be cautious prior to inputting it. There are a whole lot of web site created by men and women that are idle and have nothing whatsoever.