Anyone can be tested, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. You can have it done at home or in one of many testing centers throughout the US. You can get the best service of covid test in the US.

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You can get a test for:

  • yourself
  • Someone you care about
  • A child in your care

Types of coronavirus testing

The main types of coronavirus testing are:

polymerase chain reactions (PCR) – mainly used for people suffering from symptoms

lateral flow devices (LFD) are used to treat people without symptoms

The reason you are getting tested for coronavirus depends on whether you have symptoms.

PCR tests
If you have any of these symptoms, you should have a PCR test. This is:

  • High temperature or high temperature
  • New persistent cough
  • Loss or change in smell or taste

A continuous, new cough is a prolonged, persistent cough that lasts more than an hour or has three or more episodes per day. It may be more severe if you have a habitual cough.

A PCR test is performed by swabbing the nose and throat. The PCR test is performed in a laboratory. It can be used to confirm the presence of genetic material of a virus.