There are several factors to consider when selecting a rule pump. First, you need to know how much water your pump needs. This means that you need to know the amount of water in your pond.

To determine how many gallons of water are in your fish pond, multiply the cubic feet of water. It is always better to oversize, rather than undersize. So if you have a thousand-gallon pond, you will need a rule pump that will carry at least a thousand gallons of water per hour.

Rule pump

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Next, you need to decide whether you will need a submersible pump or an external pump. Submersible pumps are more common and can simply be dropped into a pond with an outlet for an outdoor pool, fountain, or filtration system. Outdoor pond pumps are generally more powerful and can run with lower electrical costs.

They should be dropped in a dry place, and they must be carefully selected, as they must be manufactured to run in wet places. Typically, submersible pumps are used in small ponds, while outdoor pumps are better for larger ponds or ponds. 

There are many pump manufacturers and pump models in the market. However, these options become less confusing once you consider the type and size pump you need. The most important thing is to choose a pump that will run your system effectively.