Blender has become an essential tool in any kitchen. With the advent of a battery-operated blender, the blender is now lightweight and impact resistant. This means that you can basically take it wherever you go. In addition, these blenders are now designed for greater capacity to produce more drinks in a single blending. 

There are many new designs on the market today ranging from simply a small movable blender bottle to large smoothie makes,  each one is more convenient than the last. In addition to being portable and handy, these blenders have a powerful motor that is convenient for ice crushing. Now you can create cold drinks and fruit shakes for everyone without the need to carry an electric generator.

These blenders are cordless, suitable for traveling. It can easily crush the ice with its 10,000 RPM motor. For home use, 110V charger included in the package. For vehicle charging, a 12V charger is also included. Because the "interchangeable" battery system, can work well with a variety of products.

Some blenders come as the type of hand crank machines that can crush the ice with ease. It is popular as a party blender. This powerful and portable mix Pina Coladas, Margaritas and Daiquiris with ease. It can even prepare a frozen beverage with only 90-second intervals. Its stainless steel blades are designed to cut the ultra-consistent ice. The price ranges from $ 55 to $ 80. You can also go for a powerful stainless steel blender that is sturdy and convenient for food processing.