So your business is expanding, you’re hiring an IT guy and building servers. He starts talking to you about managed or hosted firewalls and you’re trying to figure out why the firewall on your desktop which served you so well until now is no longer sufficient.

Well, the firewall on your desktop is not designed to work with a network of servers. it can’t afford you the same level of protection that you now need. Many businesses are online 24 hours and keep sensitive information in their system such as credit card numbers and a bunch of other data, hackers, or your competition would love to get their hands on. Click over here to know more about managed firewall services.

Managed Firewall Services - Hybrid Cloud and IT Solutions

Managed firewalls are usually a combination of hardware and software. They’re custom-designed for your needs. They are maintained and constantly upgraded by an expert team of computer security professionals.

Managed firewall companies can handle anything from 1 station ad infinitum, well maybe not unlimited but they can handle massive amounts of traffic so there’s no need to worry that your company will outgrow their capabilities