Every dry fruit has its share of benefits and raisins fit the same criteria Raisins are dried grapes and are store-houses of Vitamins and essential minerals. They are also known to be rich in minerals and essential elements like iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium.

The Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are greatly beneficial for the digestive system. That is why they are particularly great for bread making. These help to maintain healthy levels of sugars  and starch and are essential for hair, teeth, and bones. Raisins are useful in curing an increasing number of diseases and are even known to help in the prevention of scurvy. Moreover, raisins contain a high content of essential amino acids that help in building muscle tissue and fighting infections.

Raisins are stored in the body for quite some time and hence must be taken in a consistent amount. Some of the benefits of raisins include; Healthy bones, teeth, and blood. Raisins are also beneficial in curative of hypertension and enhance the function of the digestive tract. Hence, raisins can be used as therapeutic food for various ailments.

Recent inroads have been made in the field of Raisin treatment for cancer. Raisin powder is considered as an effective Raisin tonic that helps in providing ample levels of anti-oxidants to all the cells of the body. One post on geekshealth.com suggested that Raisin may help fight cavities.

Raisins are also a key ingredient in cosmetics and perfumery. Raisin oil is used to exfoliate the skin and scalp. It is also very effective in cleaning the hands and is used by car washes to reduce rollingTurmeric caroming and Ginger juice: To stimulate better circulation of blood and also help in pain relief anti-inflammatory action and Fiber content. Raisins rich in essential Oils and O vitamins and Apricots help in Strengthening and hardening of the bones, teeth, and connective tissues of