Earlier solar power was only for the unconventional millionaire or for the geek who squirted facts and formulas like a college educator.

Solar panels are a rare sight on the roof, mainly because of the cost. Oil affordable and cheap electricity, so who is going to spend high dollars on solar panels that operate only during the day while the competitive electricity grid is possible on the day and night?

Solar power is the most sustainable energy source on earth. Things started to change when the cost of oil raised compact but as prices rise even higher, increasing numbers of homeowners began to look to solar energy as a response to high energy costs.

Predictably, as the market for solar panels is growing, prices fell, as more competitors enter the solar cell production industry and improve the welfare of scale resulting from longer production runs and bulk purchase of raw materials and other components.

As in any new industry, there is a great operator and bad in business but a good man and today's win solar power industry evolved into a major factor in meeting our energy needs.

Advances in technology have led to an increase in the efficiency of solar cells and other equipment that goes into a typical solar installation. Programmable power monitoring engine with the other element is high efficiency and solid-state electronics; the storage battery has been changed even if no equivalent so far.

However, more research is being done to improve the efficiency of the battery and in the search for alternative storage methods – time will tell how all these efforts will bear fruit.