The potential for rapid job creation from an already available but unemployed skill base is real. Property and construction should be traced back to the share of normalized GDP – perhaps closer to 10 per cent – rather than the 25 percent of GDP that increased under the Celtic Tiger.

 Assistance to the real estate market can be politically difficult, but given the potential for rapid job creation this would be a huge missed opportunity. If you want to choose the best property marketing agency then you can navigate to this website.

Currently the real estate system is not functioning. You can't wave a magic wand and find a solution right away, but there are important steps that, if incorporated into your future financial plans, will help move the industry toward a normalized contribution to GNP.

Security, trust and credit – these are the main ingredients – prioritize property and construction, and the momentum will increase. The actions required include:

 1) Did the bank actually lend the € 4 billion they pledged to home buyers in 2011. Only about half of this amount will be awarded in 2011. The alleged reasons for not giving it range from being overly excited. Loan approval procedures and capital accumulation regulations by banks. The actual transactions that are executed and reported will bring confidence to the market.

 2) At the political level, it needs to be recognized that all real estate markets are local and most real estate transactions are minor. This small business can accommodate a large group of locals – lawyers, dealers, architects, small builders, and later building contractors, followed by curtain and flooring suppliers.