Manufacturing cigars in Tampa has been our legacy over the years that simply aims to introduce more fine-cigars made from genuine snuff.

With the turn of the twentieth century, no city in the United States of America was so well known for its  cigars as Ybor City within Tampa, Florida. So famous was this city that has received the distinction as the "Cigar Capital of the World" for a period of time.  Ybor city cigar is world renowned and there is no doubt.


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Ybor City has been conserved as a historic district of about 950 buildings that existed during its peak  as the center of the world cigar. Ybor City is also unique in the way they blended together a mixture of cultures from Europe, Asia, and Cuban immigrants who were drawn there because of the cigar  industry . 

Tampa location had a number of benefits for the cigar industry. With its warm and humid climate and very close to Cuba, allowing easy access to Ybor preferred source of cigar working conditions to facilitate the rapid and efficient production of cigars.

For those unfamiliar with the South American of the time, this was a very unique cultural mix, and as a result contributed to Ybor City achieving a unique culture. This culture was so unique that even when I finally annexed by itself Tampa, continued to have a mix of cultures. In 1900, Tampa became the source of the highest quality, handmade cigars worldwide.