The Technology Management doctoral program aims to produce outstanding scientists in the fields of technology, technological change, and innovation, who will continue to conduct research and teach at the best universities in the country and the world.

Are you wondering how technology and innovation affect the way organizations and people produce jobs? Through Ph.D. In the Technology Management program, students work with leading scientists in the interdisciplinary fields of organization, technology, and innovation management. To get more details about Ph.D. technology management, you may see it here.

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They are looking for students who want to become top scientists and continue to research and teach at the best universities in the country and the world. You will be a good fit for the program if you are interested in technology-related work, whether you have experience in the social sciences, science, management, or engineering.

The university's program integrates organizational research with technological research and innovation in an interdisciplinary environment that transcends interdisciplinary differences. If you come from a technological or scientific background, they will teach you the importance of organizations and social systems. If you have experience in the social sciences or management, you will learn to understand the role of technology and innovation in shaping organizational action.

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