The T-shirt, for women or men, is extremely versatile and comfortable. It is one of the most crucial everyday items. This article will provide you with information regarding the T-shirt.

1. T-Shirts for men

From the popular dress shirts that were popular in the 19th century's early years T-shirts for men and women evolved. The popularity of T-shirts designed for men began to rise after the wear of European troops in World War I. The coolness and comfort of the T-shirts kept soldiers comfortable. If you're in search of Cotton Heritage Wholesale T Shirts, Clothing & Apparel then you can buy them online.

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2. The story behind the 'T-Shirt'

The 1920s were the time when the "T-shirt" came into use for the very first time when it was used by the dictionary. The Beautiful and the Damned and The Great Gatsby were also bestsellers during that same time. Farewell to Arms was written by Ernest Hemingway.

3. The T-Shirts and Training Shirts

There is a myriad of theories regarding the history behind the word "T-shirt". One claims it is a reference to the size of the garment however, another believes it's an abbreviation of the word "training shirt" that refers to the T-shirt that was worn by the army in 1914.

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