The weather conditions of winter in Vancouver create a lawn emptied. After a couple of straightforward steps can help the lawn recover its lush green coloration and prosper. Raking, fixing damaged regions, renovating the yard's look and proper fertilizer software restore a yard to its pre-winter glory. Through the cold winter season, bud enters a state of dormancy. 

It will stop growing making its overall look become ragtag. Its deficiency of expansion throughout winter also makes it more vulnerable to damage by freezing, drainage problems, and snow accumulation.  For the bud to flourish and expand properly, the winter damage must be repaired. You can know more about professional lawn care in Vancouver at

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Before undertaking spring yard maintenance, permit the area to dry out. A moist or soggy yard can sustain damage when cultivated.  The origins will soon be easily pulled out of the ground and the blades flexed or broke.  When the yard has dried, it ought to be thoroughly researched to help aerate the ground.  Raking will eliminate accumulated debris. 

Superior airflow around the face of the plants and every blade of grass will assist in preventing fungal problems from growing. A fundamental hard tine rake functions satisfactorily to help eliminate dead marijuana plants and yard debris or a yard vacuum or leaf blower to get bigger yards can assist with bigger yards.

Moss and thatch buildup can happen from the long winter season. A yard that endures excess thatch or moss buildup will profit from scarification therapy. Scarification shouldn't occur if there's still any threat of spring frosts. If the yard has excess moss, utilize a moss killer two to three weeks prior to scarification.  The yard should be freshly mown and moderately moist to successfully scarify it.