Forex trading refers to the buying and selling of various currencies in global financial marketing. Forex trading platforms can be simply defined as computer software offered by banks, brokers, and other financial institutions to enable their investors or consumers to trade currencies appropriately to make money. 

Once you have opened an account to trade forex with a forex brokerage firm, you can trade currencies on the world's financial markets from the brokerage firm's computer and your home computer. You can also check for the best forex trading in Kenya via

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The brokerage firm provides you with a forex trading platform or software. You can download the software to your computer, log in with your username and password, and start trading currencies. 

This software provides forex traders with various currencies and their latest buying and selling rates as well as all the technical information and analysis. To profit from Forex trading, basic knowledge of the Forex market, experience, and effective market analysis play a key role. 

The most important thing is to buy the currency at the right time and sell it at a price higher than the purchase price. Forex currency trading platforms have made online currency trading much easier and simpler for traders.


It is a highly effective forex trading platform that allows 29 languages and covers various financial markets around the world. A large number of brokerage houses use this software. More than 90% of forex trading volume on global financial markets is generated by the Metatrader4 or Mt4 trading platforms.