The construction industry is no stranger to legal "punch ups" and the person you want to see when that happens is your expert construction lawyer. But what exactly do they do?

A construction lawyer is a trained and experienced legal professional who understands the issues you face in the construction industry. To find out the best construction lawyer, you can visit

Whether you are an employer of construction skills, a head contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or consultant to the industry, your experienced construction lawyer can help you with most of your legal challenges, or at least highlight to you any legal issues that you should be aware of that are outside their scope of expertise and direct you to a colleague who can help you.

Quality construction lawyers are generally experts in two main areas when it comes to construction matters:

1. "front end" work, which includes:

contract drafting and negotiation general advice on structuring your business entities for asset protection

advice on suitable business documents and contract administration systems and procedures for minimizing your exposure to legal claims… and more

2. "back end" work, which includes:

advice regarding options for resolving disputes general advice regarding issues that may arise during contract works execution litigation expertise in assisting with applying alternative dispute resolution methods negotiating resolutions to disputes and seeking alternative solutions for commercial parties so they can proceed with a project without delay… and more

When should you engage a construction lawyer?

The cost of learning from your own mistakes over years of construction industry experience can be a costly one and, in some cases, more than you may have to pay for it.