Montecristo cigars are so popular and well-known that they are equally popular among most non-cigar smokers as they are interested in learning and gain knowledge about the premium and finest fragrances that have long been respected in the world. 

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As a result, there is a very lucrative market for showing off Cuban cigars to cigar lovers around the world as a very profitable and successful company. There are several types of Cuban cigars on the market. 

Many people believe that the supply of Cuban cigars is illegal. In fact, there is no complete law against these cigars from being there. There is no doubt that there are certain restrictions on the import of cigars from Cuba. 

You are allowed a limited number of cigars with you when you return from an approved visit to Cuba. The new legislative changes allow a maximum of two boxes for personal use.

Although the law permits the limited import of Cuban cigars for personal use, related transactions are still subject to trade embargoes and are sometimes fined when Cuban cigars are traded or distributed to the public. 

Fines are rare, but many private establishments such as casinos and hotels that sell Cuban cigars have a little trouble at times. 

Dealing with reliable, trusted and responsible dealers who sell genuine Cuban cigar products remains the only solution to ensure the authenticity of the cigars you buy. 

Anyone who wants to buy Cuban cigars, no matter how much they care about the legal consequences, need not worry because the reasons for buying Cuban cigars for a limited number of personal and non-commercial are no longer feared.