In this guide, there are various types of socks that will be discussed in letting you know better the worth of buying each type.

Quarter socks are a sock that rises from the shoe and covers the entire anklebone. This is a great choice if you have heel blisters due to shoe friction. The comfy quarter length socks can provide you with more ease and comfort.

The height of crew socks can vary, but they usually rise 6-8 inches above the shoe line. This is the best choice for colder temperatures, or if your legs need to be protected from rocks and brush.

The knee-high socks reach just below the knee and cover all of the lower legs. These socks are often paired with compression socks, which provide additional support and performance. The sock's lowest height allows for a very low sock appearance, or none at all, above the shoe's heel collar.

Tab socks have an extra layer of fabric to protect the Achilles and upper heel of the foot. These are usually found on low-cut and no-show socks.

Low-cut socks have a slight rise above the shoe’s heel collar and are usually stopped at the anklebone.

These socks are lightweight and provide no cushioning. They are designed to protect your feet from the shoes. These socks are lighter, more breathable, and quick-drying, so they are great for warm weather. If your shoe is very close to your feet, thin socks may be a good option. However, extra volume can compromise the shoe's fit.

Extra cushioning is provided by medium-thick socks. You will experience greater comfort and protection from impact, better shoe fit, and less friction between your feet and the shoe. Most socks of medium thickness can withstand all temperatures.