Hinduism is the oldest and perhaps the first religion to be practiced in the world. There are many followers. Calling Hinduism a religion is not justified because more than that, it is a way of life. This is Sahdeva Kutumbekam.

You can browse the web and have an orientation to Hindu studies. "Hindu" is a general term that covers many religions and does not refer to one religion. "Hinduism is a civilization and religious union; it has no beginning, no founder, no central body, no hierarchy, no organization.

All Hindus worship the highest reality; However, they call it by many names. There is no Hinduism and no hellfire that does not exist, there is no condemnation – there are no evil boundaries that go against God's will.

Hindus believe that the universe was created by God and filled with Him – & the Supreme Being, which has form and pestilence, which makes, governs and destroys the universe, only to reproduce in a continuous cycle.

Every spirit is permitted to find its own way, be it through devotion, thoroughness, contemplation, yoga or benevolent administration.

explains that the mind has arisen until all karma is determined and God is realized. All souls, whatever happens, will reach this most extraordinary deep peak; however, this could take many lives.

This is a supernatural religion that forces fans to experience the eternal truth in themselves, to finally reach the peak of knowledge where humans and God are always united.