Over the past eight decades, the blender has become an increasingly important kitchen appliance. Blender has a long history – the blender was first developed in the 1930s in Europe and America. The early blenders were very basic – they were mainly drink mixers and fruit and vegetable juice extractors. Currently, blenders are multi-functional and highly developed, and they are used for many functions in the kitchen. You can find a wide variety of colourful portable blenders at Blend Blast.

So, what is a blender? This is a kitchen appliance that is used to puree, blend, mix or mash food substances. Blender used in both home and commercial kitchens, and has a variety of purposes, that are listed as follows:

– Make semi-solid foods purees, such as meat or vegetables

– Destroy solid substances foods such as grains or seeds into a powder

– Blend and mix the different food substances

– Dissolve the solids into a liquid substance

– Crush ice and mix with alcohol to create cocktails

There are different designs of the blender. They range from the stationary  blender which has a blender jar with the blade at the bottom, with the motor spinning at the base, to a blender with the motor on top, connected by a shaft to the blade at the bottom, which can be used with any container – and the container can be plastic or metal,