Christian mediation occurs in two worlds: the role of the peacekeeping church and the distinctive legal process of resolving unsatisfactory legal disputes. This can be both a spiritual healing and an economical way to solve the problem.

The most serious Christians understand that the Bible allows the church (in its many possible forms) to resolve differences among Christians. However, Christians may not necessarily understand the potential role of Christian mediation or may not have spiritual guides who know how to resolve complex conflicts. You can also find a peaceful solution with Christian Mediation.

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Sometimes people think that Christian mediation is only for church disputes or disputes over spiritual matters. However, Christian mediation can be used to resolve any dispute.

Christian mediation differs in that it focuses on biblical principles and spiritual healing. It not only tries to solve legal or financial problems but also deals with spiritual and emotional problems.

When the Christian mediation process is working well, the healing of relationships can be greater than is possible in a secular setting.

Although not all mediators are lawyers in the organizations, there are many cases where a lawyer is needed. Another option is to hire a trained mediator or judge who is also a Christian.

If your organization is committed to the idea of Christian mediation, you should consider including a Christian mediation clause in your contract. This means that the parties to the contract agree in advance that they will abide by Christian mediation (or arbitration) and not sue each other.

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